About Me


Babak Kazemi is a conductor, composer and pianist. Born in Tehran he started his musical training by learning piano with renowned piano teachers in Tehran such as Tamara Dolize and Delbar Hakim Ava. He then continued his musical training by studying harmony of music, form, counterpoint, and orchestration with Tengiz Shavlokhashvili. After leaving Iran, he started his composition lessons at Royal College of Music with tutors such as  Dr. Jonathan Cole and William Mival, he also had piano lessons with  Niel Immelman at RCM. Shortly after Babak received a scholarship to study conducting and composition at Royal Conservatoire of Birmingham. Babak studied composition with Dr. Joe Cutler and conducting with Edwin Roxburgh and Daniele Rosina. While studying at Birmingham Conservatoire he started to work as assistant conductor, and later as principle conductor by conducting various orchestras over the Europe. Apart from symphonic music he also expanded his career to opera and ballet conducting. 

In 2014 Babak has been appointed as Music Director and Chief Conductor of Light of Music Symphony Orchestra and is holding the position since then.

Working with various ensembles in Birmingham as composer and conducting New Europe Symphony orchestra, Saint-Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hermitage Philharmonic Orchestra, Russe Philharmonic Orchestra, Janacek Philharmonic, and many other orchestras, alongside conducting opera productions with various opera companies, have made him one of the promising young conductor/composers of his generations.